Hello Family and Friends (I’m pretending that I actually have some)

Well this is the first of hopefully many blog posts for me and “her” (She Who Must Be Obeyed).  We will depart on Monday the 23rd of July on our summer trip up through the Rockies.  We have no plan, no reservations, and there is absolutely NO place we have to be so this will be a first for us.  43 years of vacations where we had to be on a minute by minute schedule and back in time to be at work the next day.  Forget it.  It’s over.  Bye Bye.  Outa here.  Although this is intended for our children and grandchildren so they can at least know where we are and what we’re doing (kind of an electronic leash on mom and dad so we don’t go berserk) I know that some of our friends and such will be on here too.  Great.  We’ll post pictures so you can live vicariously through our summer travels.  Adios for now…………….it’s packing time!

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