The Goodie Box

Tonight finds us safely ensconsed at the Holiday Inn Express in Carlsbad NM.   I might add that I’m paying 30 bucks more a night than I paid at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas back in May.  What’s wrong with that picture?  Simple, the oil boom has hit Carlsbad.  Every room has roughnecks fighting for it and we just got done grabbing a bite at Chile’s along with the rest of the oil field rif-raf.  Might as well be down in Encinal.

In the spirit of See Texas First, we made a stop at the Caverns of Sonora and were quite surprised at what a nifty cave it is.  Constant 71 degrees but the humidity is 98%.  You’re drenched when you emerge even though the temp is so low.  Also the carbon dioxide level is very high which tires you our faster.  However, we’ve seen most of the caves in Texas and this one has some very spectacular formations and many are different than anything we’ve ever seen before.  God was really showing off here!  Great tour lasting an hour and 45 minutes and well worth it (except for the irritating 13 year old girl who kept asking the guide stupid questions).

The big treat today was to munch our way across West Texas courtesy of our dear friends Bill and Karen Lee who last night presented us with a huge goodie box packed with munchies, possibles, necessities and just plain fun stuff.  Forgot how much I love Milk Duds!  Tomorrow we’ll venture up a little ways and may find a place in Cloudcroft or perhaps on to Albuquerque and a full scale assault ont the Indian Resort Casinos.   Remains to be seen.  Love Ya’ll

Kay the Spelunker

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