Winners and Losers

Well today found us driving from Carlsbad up to Cloudcroft.  What a pretty little mountain town.  At 8600 feet we watched the temperature drop from the 90’s down below to a scorching 68 degrees.   What a treat and such a beautiful mountain setting in the Lincoln National Forest.   It was very close to here that Smokey Bear was rescued from a fire and became the Forest Service symbol for fire prevention many years ago.   From there we descended back down into the desert and drove westward and northward towards Albuquerque.  Years ago when you kids were little we traveled this same road and visited the Trinity Site where we detonated the first atomic bomb.  Days after we built Fat Boy and whatever the other one’s name was and delivered them over Japan, effectively ending WWII.  However, through a lack of attention, we missed the turnoff and went way past it.  Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait another 30 years and come back again.

Tonight we had a nice dinner in the Sandia Resort and Casino as guests of the Mescalero Apaches and I must say they treated us nicely.    The place was packed because of a 5 band concert outdoors in the Amphitheater.   We did our usual, hitting the slot machines which require no brainwork whatsoever and sure ‘nuf I came out the winner and left there about $400 to the good (and this on a …………………..are you ready?  NICKEL SLOT MACHINE) .  Sometimes the cowboys win and sometimes the Injuns.     In either case, mom kept mooching bucks from me and came out with her tail tucked between her legs.  She’s lucky I gave her a ride home.  Well, it’s off to Santa Fe in the morning!

Well mom has done well for the past two days going without the usual putty work but she broke down and put on full make up today.   Not sure what that means.

Love all.

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