The new 4wt is no longer a trout virgin

After a wonderful (gag) day of shopping and gallery hopping in Santa Fe I tried to book a fishing guide for today but every guide in Santa Fe is booked for the next three days.  The fly shop owner was kind enough to guide me on a map to some close by fishing on public water so off I went this morning to the headwaters of the Pecos River.  Hard to believe this little river starts out here high in the mountains runs down through NM into West Texas and joins the Rio Grand at Mexico.   Managed to land 3 trout this morning on my new 4 wt. and lost another 1/2 dozen (the result of crimped down barbs, which certainly helps in not tearing up that you aren’t going to keep anyway).   Now, after a quick shower and lunch, it’s off with SWMBO for another round of gallery hopping.  I remember there was so much fantastic Western/Indian/Mountain art here years ago and now it’s all gone, replaced with surrealistic/modern/crap.   Oh well, nothing lasts.  Had a fantastic meal last night at Pasqual’s, our favorite Santa Fe restaurant and met some neat and interesting people around us including two sisters from Austin who moved here to live out their old age.  They were a hoot.  Tomorrow it’s moving further NW towards Taos, Chama and the 4 Corners area.  Mom beckons.  Adios.

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