From Durango to Gunnison

We’ve spent a couple of days in Ouray after driving up from Durango.   Ouray is the Backpacking, Hiking, 4 Wheeling, Jeep Touring, Irish Pub Drinking, fly fishing, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, kayaking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting capitol of Colorado.  Other than that there’s not much to do, ha ha!  Wonderful place.  Lots of silver mine ruins and history.  After some last minute shopping this morning we left on the world’s most treacherous road and we’ve been pretty much paralleling the Continental Divide.  Up throuh Red Mountain Pass at 11200 feet, twice as high as Denver.    Mom’s been singing Rocky Mountain High and I keep reminding her John Denver is dead and I turn the radio up.  Our goal today was to do the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.     Now we’ve been to the Grand Canyon but this is just spectacular.  No way you can take a photo and do it any justice.  After a little hiking and such we were bone tired and so we are now holed up in Gunnison for the night.  Had a small catastophe in the Animas River the other day.  A small pouch that snaps to my vest had all my leaders and tippet stuff and sssorted necessities in it somehow popped off and someone coming down the trail now has about $50 bucks worth of stuff they didn’t have to buy.  Stopped at the first fly shop here in Gunnison and I am back in business again.   We’re now off to eat dinner at the Old Miners Restaurant on Main Street.  Had a cool bar in Silverton BTW that had swings all in front instead of stools.  Reminded me of Jackson Hole Where everybody sits on saddles.  A small note.  My FORMER friend Tom Marler managed to call us this morning at 6:18 in the morning.  Seems they are on teh way to Colorado to see Autumn in Boulder.  You’d think having a daughter that lives here, he might have figured out the time   change!


I finally have time to send out some news myself.  First off, I ate a milk dud and my gold crown came off with the first bite–had to go get Crazy glue.  Wow-that stuff works and no trip to the dentist.  Doug seems to have in his hip pocket the times when all the cute stores open in the small towns, for he drops me off before he goes fishing and the stores don’t open for two more hours!!  Go into one shop and everyone seems to have the same Indian stuff.  I have been doing most of the driving because of the twisted mountain roads, but that is better than getting sick.  We are still talking to each other and having a blast.  Love to all.



3 thoughts on “From Durango to Gunnison

  1. WOW, what a trip!!! Charlie and I are enjoying following your many adventures. Home is going to look pretty dull after this. Anyway, party on. Hugs, Charlie and Eileen

  2. you had me at Irish Pub….
    Mom, fixing your tooth with crazy glue sounds like white trash dental hygiene. I guess it would have been worse if you had broken it on some rabbit jerky. It’s so freakin’ hot here that I’m about to go crazy. Hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather. Miss you guys!

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