Mom got to sleep in this morning while I went down to the Gunnison for a little early morning fishing.  Caught a brown trout intantly and thought it would be spectacular but the bite was shortlived and back to the motel and off on the highway we went.  From Gunnison we went up, and I mean straight up to Monarch Pass on the Continental Divide (see the dope in the picture who had to be in the mandatory photo at the sign). At about 11,300 feet it was the highest we’ve been so far.  The ride down the other side was a little hairy as trucks were pulling over to cool brakes.  One stop we wanted to make was Leadville, a spectacular mining town in it’s time and in the shadow of the highest point in Colorado, Mt. somethingoruther at 14 somethingoruther feet.   At one point the population was 40,000 people and it now has 3,000.  After a quick lunch in the Silver Dollar Saloon we took a tour of the Opera House which saw the likes of Oscar Wilde and assorted other entertainers about 150 years ago.   Pretty entertaining little tour.  The Silver Dollar was home to Doc Holiday for 5 years of carousing, gambling etc. when he wasn’t doing dentistry, before moving on to parts south.  It was early enough, after touring up one side of Main and down the other that we took off and decided to just head farther north until we were tired.  We went up through the Vail/Eagle area and I managed to stay off I70 and so we are keeping our record of no Interstates intact so far.  A vow we made after leaving I10 at Ft. Stockton TX. We decided to push on north to Steamboat Springs where we thought surely we could easily find a motel room.  After all a ski town in the summer? Oughta have a ton of rooms.  Wrong!  In addition to being a fantastic looking town (mom’s shopping antannea are up), seems there’s a baseball tourny going on here now as well as the usual summer vacationers.  The place is packed and I have promised mom some serious shopping time in the morning.  Something tells me we aren’t leaving for Wyoming for quite some time tomorrow.  Exhausted and mom’s making dinner in the room ’cause we’re too tired to go out and face the crowds.  Since we’re so close, we might decide to head over to Salt Lake City instead of north into Wyoming.  Decision to be made when we start the car tomorrow so who quen sabe?

3 thoughts on “Wyoming……………almost!

  1. Well, not a problem. We got nextdoor so only one unproductive stop at a Holiday Inn Express. It’s looking like the lure of the Grand Tetons is winning out over The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We’ll see.

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