Flirting With Disaster!

Well, while mom did the laundry this morning, I spent over an hour trying to secure a hotel room for us in Jackson Hole.  Everything booked solid.   Finally, I came across a Holiday Inn at the airport for $139 bucks and booked it.   Only problem was that Kay’s Navigation system wouldn’t accept the street address.  Who cares?  Push on.  While arriving in Jackson Hole, played with the nav system but still couldn’t get it to take the street address.   Called the hotel and the lady says:  “This is the Holiday Inn in Jackson MICHIGAN, not Wyoming.”  Ok, small mistake, maybe a thousand miles or two.  Now it’s panic time with even flea bag motels in this place wanting $200 a night IF there was one available.  There was a room available at the Four Seasons Resort for $2,965 PER NIGHT.  How much could a continental breakfast be?  Whipped the car around across from the National Elk Refuge and pulled into a “Dalton” motel (if you grew up with mom, you know what that means).  told mom, if they have a room get it at ANY cost.  We got a room for two nights but we were afraid to open the door to it.  Surprise! Dalton motel on the outside, Hampton Inn on the inside.  Delightfull.   So we just got back from dinner at the Gun Barrel Restaurant.  We remembered eating there 25 years ago and it was just as good tonight.   So today?

Well, if Steamboat Springs mountains are heaven and the Grand Tetons are heaven, you still have to go through hell to get from one heaven to the other.   Anything on the East side of Wyoming is barren, dry desert, with Antelope walking around (one was in–the parking lot to the Love’s we stopped at for lunch (pic attached–look real close–pretty nice buck leading the way).   But it’s so worth the trip once you get to Jackson Hole.

Here’s the real surprise of the day.  Our Wyoming guidebook says not to miss the Mountain Man Museum in Pinedale so we stopped and went in for $5 bucks a head.  Wow! We were blown away.  Mom says I was born 175 years too late because I love everything about the fur trappers and mountain men of the West.  Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith………….all my personal heroes.  Seems that 6 of the 19 Rendevous (s) were held at Pinedale with mountain men coming down from the Tetons, the Wind River Range, The Bitteroots, etc.   The museum was a jewel.  Exceedingly well done, fantastic video show, tremendous artifacts, the whole kit and kaboodle!  (what is a kaboodle anyway?).  So that was our so worthwhile surprise in the middle of the day.

A whole day of Western art galleries tomorrow and hope to resist investing in art.  We’ll see.  Social Security only goes so far.

4 thoughts on “Flirting With Disaster!

  1. Wow you guys are having a great time! I love learning about were you are and showing your granddaughters on a map. Travis was saying today how much we miss you guys! Be safe!

  2. Well, God continues to provide. The Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone booked solid months in advance. On a whim I called this morning. Bingo! Cancellation. Mom and I will stay there Saturday night. Really cool! Old Faithful gyser will be outside our front door!

  3. Ah the Dalton Motels, I remember them well. Especially the one in Laredo and the one on Austin Hwy.

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