Jackson Hole

Today we spent the entire day doing Jackson hole.  We haven’t been here in a couple of decades and the town hasn’t changed but the traffic has.   Wow, has it ever been discovered.  Had to take the obligatory pic under one of the antler arches at each corner of the town square as you can see.   We went into every Western Art gallery in the town and discovered that everything you fall in love with costs between 20 and 30 thousand dollars and everything you really don’t like costs between 20 and 30 thousand dollars.  In either case the checkbook remained cased.   After a long day afoot, we had tickets to a dinner show at the Old Jackson Hole Playhouse.  Cat Ballou rocks! We sat with a couple from California (sixth grade teacher and physical therapist and dedicated Harley riders) and the place was packed.  What a show they put on!  It was a blast and each and every performer was top notch.   As we left tonight to find the car, mom tried to lure me into The Cowboy Bar for a little nightcap but my resistance was strong.  If you’ve never been to Jackson, The Cowboy Bar is a must.  It’s on the town square and is an obligatory stop for first timers.   Two long bars but no stools.  ALL SADDLES! So the place is filled with those trying to get their picture taken on a saddle at the bar.  That and the Antler Arch pic are the two signatures of the town.  We are directly across from the National Elk Refuge but the Elk don’t come down till November so right now it’s the National Very Big Field.  Tomorrow it’s touring the Grand Tetons and the west half of Yellowstone and we will spend the night in West Yellowstone but the huge deal is Saturday night where we have reservations at The Old Faithful Inn, one of the great lodges of the West.

Mom says she has nothing to say and is going to hit the rack.

2 thoughts on “Jackson Hole

  1. Are you appreciating my trail boss skills more? By the way make your dinner reservation at the old faithful inn Now! Or you won’t get in. Some of the old photo albums have pictures of Tom’s dad in them, he put himself through med school working as a bell hop at the Inn during the depression.
    Fresh trout was really good.

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