Tetons and Yellowstone

We drove up from Jackson through Grand Teton National Park this morning.  Stunning mountains but the fires in Montana and east of here have obsured them (see pic).  Still glorious.  We got up into Yellowstone this afternoon and saw lots of wildlife including Elk and Buffalo.   We’ve got a small cabin in the town of West Yellowstone just outside the park but we will be in Old Faithful Inn tomorrow night.  Stopped at several active geological sights this afternoon.  Geyser Basin is fun along the shores of Yellowstone Lake.  Water of every color imaginable (see pic) and coming out at 167 degrees……enough to really hurt you if you get too close.   Had the usual traffic jam for Bison crossing the road.   Really neat to see.  We went to a Brewpub for dinner and decided to head to the IMAX theatre to see “Yellowstone” in IMAX.  Really  neat show.  Two things going on.   In the park today and tonight in W. Yellowstone, the streets are jammed with hot rods and restored vehicles.  They were in streams of 8 and 10 all day long throughout the park.   And tonight in town, every motel’s parking lot is jammed with ’em.  Right now we’re parked next to a T Bucket with chromed flathead 8 in it.  It’s like high school all over again.   Seems there is a huge restored car show starting in town tomorrow.  Next on the list is a recreation of Rendezvous at the west end of town which begins tomorrow and runs for a week.  Gonna try and run by in the morning and see if they are in full swing yet.  Tired and tuckered in our little cozy log cabin.

2 thoughts on “Tetons and Yellowstone

  1. Good morning tired and tuckered (whose which?), T.,B. and I are in our cosy Best Western here in Boulder for $160/night and we did have reservations! It’s older but has been upgraded. Haven’t seen any geysers yet other than Zeke trying to pee on an ant in the ladies room at the Boulder county fair.We had babysitting duties yesterday and the one kid wore us out. Thank goodness Amber arrived ! Have a great day, you’re in one of God’s best efforts!

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