Big Sky-We’ve Arrived!

Old Faithful Inn

Well we’ve finally arrived up in Big Sky after spending a couple of days in Yellowstone.  We were fortunate to have gotten a room at the Old Faithful Inn which of course has no WiFi or anything close to it having been built in 1903.   What a grand dam she is too.   Got to enjoy drinks on the balcony and watch Old Faithful go off last night, followed by dinner in the famed dining room.  Got up early this morning and went for a hike and got to see Old Faithful go off again at sunrise while mom “slept in.”   Toured more of the park today but didn’t have as much luck on the fishing side as yesterday.  Caught 18 browns in the Gibbon River so lots of fun.  Actually mom caught the second one but I should be credited with an assist.   We have several friends from Cordillera “summering” in Big Sky who have invited us to spend a few nights with them so we made it up to Big Sky around 7 this evening and have been enjoying visiting with the Braymans.  They have a beautiful 4 bedroom condo rented for about a month.  The Corleys, also of Cordillera are splitting it with them but they cannot be here till the 12th, hence there is no problem with us staying here as long as we like.  David and I are doing a float trip tomorrow on the Yellowstone (I think) and then we will join our other Cordillera friends, Mark and Pam McCurley for dinner for all of us after our float.  Mark and Pam have a house rented a little farther down the mountain and they stay here for 3 months every year.  Tough life huh?  In either case, David and I will fish tomorrow while the “girls” do their thing in the Big Sky area, Mark, David and I will fish again on Tuesday and we are all doing a BBQ on Tuesday night at the top of the mountain.  We will more than likely head out Wednesday morning towards northern Montana to visit our nephew but that’s a loose plan at best.

Small but you can ‘t beat their good looks

3 thoughts on “Big Sky-We’ve Arrived!

  1. My dad had the job of putting up the American flag every day on the top of Old Faithful Inn ,while working his way through Medical school.TNM

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