My friend David Brayman and I floated the Yellowstone today in the equivalent of a hurricane which lasted dawn to dusk.  I won the first fish bet, the most fish bet, but sadly got my butt kicked on the biggest fish bet.  David landed a beautiful 23 inch brown this afternoon, a truly exceptional fish.  We started out this morning bright and early passing by 3 full curl, trophy Bighorns on the side of the road leading out of the village.  Way cool.  Barbara showed Kay around Big Sky and we had apres fish din din at Choppers.   We’re off to fish with fellow Cordillerans Mark and Pam McCurley tomorrow in the Gallatin followed by a BBQ at the top of the mountain. More to follow.

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  1. Kay, did you, Barbara and David discuss you all being in the same Alamo Heights class of 1965?
    We usually see them at the reunions.

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