Well, yesterday was the First Annual Cordillera Refugee Picnic and Trout Search on the Taylors Fork, a tributary of the Gallatin.  While the trout failed to cooperate, the beer was cold and the comraderie excellent.  While the Braymans and Kay went back for a little Big Sky recreational shopping, Mark McCurley and I headed for the Gallatin for an afternoon of tough, tough fishing.   While Mark caught four, I managed to have one rainbos do a quick disconnect at my knees and another who decided that after having my fly in his mouth for all of five seconds, that the fun was over and he had better places to be.  Oh well.  Meanwhile, while we were away tending to the local fish population, the Braymans and Kay were experiencing a “bear envounter” back at the house.   There is a $500 fine for leaving your garage door up and letting a bear get to your garbage.  Now we know why as a Black Bear had managed to arrange our garbage over a wide section of lawn and street.   After shooing him away to go play with the other neighbors, David did the cleanup and hopefully we will avoid the fine if nobody complains.  Since I was late getting home, we rushed to the top of the mountain for  a little BBQ at Chet Huntley’s Hotel along with live music.   We took our comfortable seats just as the band was packing up.  Dark and sinister stares at Doug followed.  I am to be more prompt today.  We’re off on another picnic today at Ousell Falls wherever that is, because supposedly the fish are more stupid there.  Anyway, today is our last day in Big Sky as tomorrow we head up to Ft. Benton to have dinner with my nephew Kevin and family and we will be staying there tomorrow night as we continue to freeload our way across Montana.

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