What a Sendoff!

What a sendoff! Our last day in Big Sky was a doozee.  The Braymans, The McCurleys and us took a hike today back into Ousell (sp?) Falls here in Big Sky and through Mark’s able help with Kay, put her onto 4 native Cutthroat Trout on the fly.  Kay was an awesome Cutthroat machine.   Followed by another awesome picnic lunch.  Got back to the casa at about 3PM in time for me to take a well deserved nap.   Then it was off to the Town Center for dinner and a visit to the Farmers Market.  While we shopped and looked at much things Montana, we ended up buying some homemade bread and vegetables from the Amish folks and then had some burgers in preperation for a huge outdoor concert by Reckless Kelly.   Get this:  An obviously very wealthy couple who live here recently married in Europe but sadly many of their Big Sky friends couldn’t be there.  So they decided to throw an after marriage party for not just their friends but for all of Big Sky.  They hired Reckless to play at the outdoor stage and invited all of the general public to attend.   We set up lawn chairs, sat back with some great wine and enjoyed the concert.  It was awesome.  So tomorrow we will leave Big Sky and first head into Bozeman, only an hour away where we will hit the camera shop and get a diagnosis on what’s ailing the Nikon and get a professional opinion.  If it’s something serious we will have to limp through the rest of the trip with mom’s little camera and hope for the best.   After that it’s about a 4 hour drive up to Ft. Benton to visit Kevin and Deb.   We will stay with them one night, take them all to dinner including the fiancee of Kala (again sp?) and play the part of the unwanted relatives who just happen to stop by.  Then we got reservations just outside Glacier National Park for a couple of nights and we will explore Glacier and Waterton Park just across the border into Canada.  Should prove to be spectacular.  Then, provided we’re still feeling good enough we will drive on up to Calgary and over to Banff.  So we’ll see.  As for now its’ off to packing!

2 thoughts on “What a Sendoff!

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s a statue of Me and Shannon in Banff. Also, can you check the hotel there to see if you can find our white water rafting pictures from our Honeymoon. I was devastated when I left them there 13 years ago!

  2. dad, today the kids art teacher pulled me aside to tell me how impressed she was at Hudson…her class of 20 kids ages 6-12 (yes, I lied to get him in!) She asked what oxidation was and Hudson told her exactly what it was. He said you taught him of course

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