The Izaak Walton Inn

Today we came up from Ft. Benton, across the Missouri Breaks and the Blackfeet Reservation to Glacier National Park.   The Missouri Breaks are miles and miles of wheat and antelope.  They actually come out and fill your tank at the gas stations.  How long has it been since you’ve seen that?  We are in the Izaak Walton Inn which is the coolest.  Built in the early ’30s to house passengers on the Great Northern and the 60 workers it took to keep this stretch of tracks free of snow.  The food is 5 star and BNSF still runs behind it all day long along with Amtrak which actually stops at the Inn with passengers.  Cool.  We are now officially “old people.”  We went to West Glacier and into the park and signed up for our Senior Lifetime Pass into all the parks for the rest of our lives.  Good news is that anyone in my car gets in free as well!  Since we had paid $25 to get into Yellowstone and Grand Teton, they credited us that money and gave us our pass for free.  Neat stuff huh?We wanted to get all that stuff out of the way for an all out assault on Glacier tomorrow.  We will tackle the Going To The Sun Road from the West Side of the park to the east, which is one of the “must do” drives in America.  We will cross the Continental Divide for the umpteenth time this trip.  Unfortunatly, the verdict on our good Nikon D50 camera is that is terminal so we are limited to Kay’s little digital or the Iphone camera for the duration so don’t expect much.   Just wish it would have lasted through Glacier where, we suspect, will be the best pics of the entire trip. Our luck continues to hold out in our strategy of checking for last minute cancellations in the premier hotels of the National Parks.  We actually got a reservation for Sunday Night at the Prince of Wales Hotel on the Canadian side of the park (in Alberta).  This has been a long time want of ours to stay there at least once.  If you’ve never seen the setting, Google “Prince of Wales Alberta” and you will see multiple pics.  it’s unbelievable.We will get up early and hope to get to Lake McDonald early enough to get on a boat tour.  We’ll see.  Love to all.

3 thoughts on “GLACIER! MADE IT!

  1. If you’re smart , you’ll stay there for a month, even if you have to take out a loan! It was 102 yesterday and 103 today. Wondering why we left Colorado. No rain and the yard is dead.
    Happy trails.

  2. We made it over to the Prince of Whales once, but only for dinner as we did not have reservations for overnight. Absolutely one of the most beautiful settings in the park.

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