OK, so it’s family stuff time.

Well we made it north to Ft. Benton MT, home to my nephew, his wife and 2 children which I have not seen since they were little kids.   They are all about 12 feet tall now and got to meet Kaela’s fiance and they will be married soon.  Staying in their house as there are only two hotels in town.   Had dinner in the best of ’em which was fantastic.  Actually the town which  has a total population of under a thousand, and has one stoplight which is yellow blinking and the town’s big decision is to actually make it red/green.  Actually the town is quite historic and Lewis and Clark stayed here awhile with Sacajewea.  We stopped in Great Falls at the request of my fishing guide on the Yellowstone to see the Charlie Russell museum which was actually quite spectacular.  Over two thousand pieces of Charles M. Russell’s art plus his home and log cabin studio.  All super interesting and gives a great appreciation for western art.  The guy really documented the American and Indian West and between him and Remington, there is no better.  Pme dissapointment though was to see the Great Falls of the Missouri, the daunting obstacle to Lewis and Clark.  They’ve erected a series of hydro electric dams on the Missouri right at the falls which has rendered them just a shadow of what Lewis and Clark saw when they rounded the corner and said: “Holy Crap Sacajewea, what the heck do we do now?”

Toured my nephew Kevin’s insurance agency in a building built in 1893 which was beautiful and which they have spent alot of money restoring to it’s original appearance.   Very historic stuff in this town to say the least.  Off to bed as we will arise early and be off to Glacier National Park.  Our luck has run out and we couldn’t get a room at the premier lodges inside of Glacier but we did get into one at the edge called the Isaac Walton Inn which is very historic, built at the turn of the centurey and so we will be off early.  We will keep calling and what do you want to bet we might end up in the Glacier Lodge?  We’ll see.

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