Well, today we tackled arguably the most scenic drive in the nation, The Going To The Sun Road in Glacier NP.   If you’ve never seen this, get here quick.   There are no mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, rivers or streams anywhere that can compare.  Get here quick too as they say that at the current level of melting due to climate change they will be here until about 2030 and at that time Glacier National Park will be devoid of Glaciers.  Troubling thought isn’t it?  We visited the three premier Western Lodges in the park, Lake McDonald, Many Glacier, and the grandaddy of them all, Glacier Park hotel.  The lobby is in the pic.  You cannot imagine the size of the timbers it took to build this place.   All of them built in the early 1900 s.

We stopped to take a few pictures at a waterfall and after we were through I noticed two Mountain Goats watching us only 50 feet away laying on a ledge.  That’s cool.  Next we spotted a Grizzly (NOT a black bear) feeding in a field about 50 yards away.  So me and 200 of my closes friends were all on the side of the road photographing the thing.  Truly epitomizes wildness and strength.  Twice the size of black bears and with a pronounced hump on their shoulders, they are unmistakable.  Only the second one I’ve ever seen in the wild (other in Alaska).   We also took a very nice boat cruise on St. Mary Lake which was calming and refreshing all at the same time.  Excellent guide and a lot of fun.  We’re bushed tonight but we will have to get ready to cross the border into Alberta tomorrow and check in to the Prince of Wales.  Mom can’t wait.  See you soon.

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