Oh Canada!

Well if I knew the words to Oh Canada I’d sing ’em for ya but I don’t.  We are staying a couple of nights in the Prince of Wales Hotel in Alberta which is inside Waterton National Park.  One of the great Railroad Hotels built in the 20s and has the oldest working elevator in all of Canada.  Requires them to operate it for you but cool nevertheless.

Yesterday afternoon, Kay wanted to go to something they call “high tea” so I tagged along.  Not understanding the rules of this thing, Kay promised to show me the ropes.  First off, guess what they served?  That’s right.  TEA.  Seems if you try to order a Microbrew they really don’t like it.  Then Kay ordered these things called “scones.”  I think they thought she said stones because they brought these little rocks that would have made great skipping rocks in the lake, and then some other stuff called finger sandwiches which won’t fill you up ’cause they apparantly have very small fingers in Canada.  Tried to order a Bacon Cheeseburger, and they frowned on that as well.  So much for high tea.  Tried to ask them why they call it “high” tea but they didn’t know.  Drank a bunch of it but never got high so who knows?

Also discovered this morning that a Canadian screw stuck in you left rear tire depletes said tire of air at the exact same rate as an American screw will but fortunately found a Canuck that fixed it while we waited.  Hope it makes it home.  After that we went cruising the park and saw an Elk and a bunch of Bighorn Sheep and visited a place called Red Rock Canyon where the rock really is red.  How about that.  Gonna relax this afternoon and get caught up.   Was debating on whether to head up to Banff or not, which we dearly love, but there was an element of “been there done that” that made us decide to head back into the US tomorrow and head towards Cody Wyoming which everyone says is a must stop in the West so we will leisurely head back south tomorrow.  Here’s a pic of the hotel.  Location, location, location heh?

5 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. You are actually heading south tomorrow? After all you’ve seen, I don’t think you are ready for Texas yet.

  2. Did the Canadian screw speak Canuck? I think you may be slandering Canadian screws. Have y.ou found any Xmas ornaments yet, Canadian or otherwise? I bought one at the Old Faithful Inn but broke it getting it home.

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