Can’t make it…………….we are dead in the water!

Well, we’ve discovered that Canada to Cody Wyoming is a long, long, long, way.   We looked in the guide book and found that Livingston MT is a must see, with three museums and tons of SHMBO shopping opportunities plus the World Fly Fishing Museum, plus what is billed as the best Western Book Store in the U.S.  So Cody will have to wait as we found a nice motel room, we are flat exhausted, and we refuse to move any farther.   That is provided the man on the way up can make our air conditioner colder.  If not, we will move to a another room, but not a foot further.    Sorry we’ve got nothing of interest to report.  The only stop we made was at McDonald’s in Helena and then here.  The man is here now fixing the air.  he has an exasperated look on his face.  Hard to discern his look without teeth to give it expression. He now says he is going to get ANOTHER air conditioner.   Not sure what that means  since the air conditioner is built into the room………..stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Can’t make it…………….we are dead in the water!

  1. what do you mean “farther than you thought”!Absent the day they taught map reading? another instance of Texas sorry education system? Air conditioning? really!

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