Livingston to Cody

Started the day in Livingston MT.  Wanted to visit the Fly Fishing Museum and a couple of neat places in Livingston.   If you pass this way, the Fly Fishing Museum is best described as a “work in progress” but the railroad museum is first class.  Bought a couple of books at what is billed as the best Western bookstore in MT.  And it is.  Thought we could make the trip shorter by going through the NW side of Yellowstone.  Forgot how tedious the drive could be what with stopping in traffic jams for buffalo and the twisty turny roads. However, from Livingston to Gardiner is a most beautiful drive through Paradise Valley through which the Yellowstone flows northward.  Ends at the arch which is the old original entrance to Yellowstone dedicated by Teddy Roosevelt.  Very historic and everyone trying to get their picture taken underneath.  Finally made it to Cody and mom has discovered shopping Nirvana.   We started at the old Irma Hotel which was Buffalo Bill’s and they block off the street and have a gunfight every night at 6.   I watched………mom shopped.   Tomorrow we are starting out visiting what is billed as one of the most impressive museums in the country at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  We passed it on the way in and it’s huge.  You get 6 in 1 here with the Buffalo Bill Museum, Draper Museum of Natural History, Museum of the Plains Indian,  the Cody Firearms Museum, the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, and finally the McKraken Research Library.  Pretty much an all day thing.  Rooms are at a premium here with a Holiday Inn going for $230 a night.   We found a Dalton motel for a couple of nights which is clean and comfortable, and we can park in front of the door like the old days.  So, we are off to the 8 AM opening and will follow the Museum trail with the door to door Cody march.  Hope to have dinner in the Irma Hotel tomorrow and then we can plan our relentless march eastward towards Rushmore, Deadwood and maybe even Sturgis……………sans the motorcycle.

4 thoughts on “Livingston to Cody

    • Dalton was Kay’s daddy who made a nice living flipping cheap motels in his day. Him and his partner would buy an old motel, fix up and then sell it for a profit. Since then, whenever we have to stay in a cheap motel, not part of a chain etc. we call it a Dalton. The one we are staying in in cody is called the Skyline Motor Inn. has the same tile in the bathroom as I had in my house in hight school. That should give you the mental image. However, we are loving it as it is super clean and tidy, just not the Fairmont.

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