Moving East…………….

Well today we did the trolley tour of Cody.   Cody is just an awefully cool place and the trolley ride was loads of fun.  Got a call from our friends the Braymans who started their treck home from Big Sky and they were coming through Cody on the first leg of their journey.  We waited for them to get there and had lunch at the Irma Hotel with them.  The Irma was Buffalo Bill’s hotel named after his daughter.  Sadly all 4 of his children died between the ages of 5 and a little over 30……….pretty tragic to watch all of your children die before you do.  The trolley ride is done very, very well and it was  lots of fun.   Said our goodbuyes and headed East across the vastness of Wyoming.   One obstacle we were not looking forward to was crossing the Bighorn Mountains.  Thought them to be just barren rocks in the middle of Wyoming.  Wow, were we surprised.  They were absolutely beautiful with lots of trout streams, waterfalls, and wildlife, and some of the most gorgeous forests we’ve seen so far.   It was a great unexpected treat.  Got down to Sheridan Wyoming and decided to keep going on to Gillette.  All the coal that’s in those long trains coming through San Antonio to the coal fired plants (Braunig and Calaveras) originate here in Gillette.   This one county, if it was it’s own country would be the 6th largest coal producing country in the world.  We drove out to the strip mines and the coal trains are taking so much out of there it’s incredible.

One thing I have to admit is that Mom is the champion Antelope spotter of the family.  Don’t know how she does it but she can spot a herd of Pronghorns from a  mile away and drive the car at the same time.  She has spotted everyone ‘cept a few before me as we’ve come across Wyoming.  Not sure how she’s doing it but I know she’s cheating.  Tomorrow we will head up to Devil’s Tower and across to Deadwood, Rushmore, Badlands area.  Sadly, that’s about the end of the sightseeing so we will begin the long trek back to Texas.

One thing I gotta tell ya.  We’ve met some interesting people on this trip but one of the most interesting was back in Cody.  We stayed in a Dalton motel for two nights and a continental breakfast was provided next door in an old diner.  The man in charge both mornings entertained us with accordian music to start the day.   Seems he had a double anurism and stroke awhile back and he had learned to play the accordian as a 14 year old.  The doctors prescribed a lot of accordian playing  to help his brain get things organized again.   So for breakfast he has his book of 90 songs he knows and everyone gets to pick  whatever song they like out of the book and he plays it for you at breakfast.  Not many people can start their day with Beatles music played on an accordian.   It was hard for us to keep from laughing but the guy was so darned good he made you appreciate it.  Now that’s camp! (does anybody still use that word?)

Sad to report that our friend Tom Turturro, from Currey Creek,  passed away about 6:30 this morning.   Tom has been sick for quite awhile and our prayers go out to his family especially Becky who has done a lot for us and for Phil that was in my Bible Study before moving farther out of town.   Rough news for our Church.

Lastly, got news tonight that our grandson Hudson, age 5, cut himself with his pocketknife he acquired in Big Bend.  Congratulations.  Way to go buddy!  You have achieved a true right of passage in the world of kidknifedom!


3 thoughts on “Moving East…………….

  1. Bill says when you get to Devil’s Tower, be sure to ask the Rangers for the Alien Landing Schedule. He is sure no one has ever asked for that before.

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