Badlands….Yes They are Bad

Well the last thing on our agenda of possible things that we wanted to see were the Badlands of South Dakota.   Last night we went to see Mt. Rushmore lit up at night which was way cool along with all the ceremonies etc. in the amphitheatre honoring veterans etc.  Today we saw it from a completely different perspective with the sun lighting up the President’s faces early in the morning.  Outstanding.  We also went to Gutzon Borglum’s studio where his original models are.  They are 1/12 scale and from these, all the measurements were taken and transferred to the mountain face through a process called pointing.  How they did it at all, much less do it in 14 years amazes you.  Back to the Badlands (see pic).

Cannot imagine what it must have been like to come across the prairie in a wagon train and find yourself face to face with the Badlands of South Dakota.  Erosion by wind and water have created a moonscape the like of which you can’t imagine.  We stopped at one stretch where the Ogalala Souix lowered their wagons, horses, and people over the cliff edges and down below and made their run south to escape the Cavalry.  To no avail however.  Six days later,, and 60 miles south,  the Cavelry caught them.  The result was the massacre at Wounded Knee.

After looking at the map, we discovered that their is just no way to cut south to the Nebraska – SD border and cross Nebraska except on crummy 2 lane roads through town after town, and their isn’t anything worth lookin’ at along the way so we made the decision to hop on the Interstate (Yuck!) and head East for Souix Falls SD and then turn south on a route that will take us down through Souix City Iowa, Omaha, down to OKC and into Texas for the mad dash home so here we are in Souix Falls.  We’ve checked into a hotel just in time for the “Crop Tour” sponsored by every seed company in the country.  We went to the bar for a nightcap and found that the farmers are out in full force (reminds me of the movie “Cedar Rapids” one of my favorites).  After failing to engage anyone in a heated debate over which brand of sorghum seed gives the maximum yield, we are retiring to rest for the run south.

Don’t expect any interersting blogs from here on out since it will be simple “movin’ on down the road” time for the next few days.


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