Coming South With The Ducks

Well we headed south with the ducks today starting out in Souix Falls South Dakota.  Problem with this part of the country is that everything is Souix.  Souix Falls to Souix City to the Big Souix River to the Little Souix River to the Souix Cinemaplex to the Souix Country Restaurant…………and on and on and on.  Well now that I’ve got that off my chest, we went down to the falls in S….Falls and yes they wre very pretty but nothing like the pics the Chamber of Commerce publishes.   Seems that they photograph the falls in the spring when the snowmelt “enhances” the falls tremendously.  After that we headed down to S….City Iowa and the #1 attraction is the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center so we plugged it into the Nav System but the Nav lady doesn’t understand that the whole area is torn up with construction and the road to the place is closed.  We improvised but were sidetracked by the riverboat casino a block away.  We were tired of navigating so we went in and I lost 9 bucks but mom only had a nickel left of the $20 I gave here.  She is a terrible investment when it comes to gambling.   So we came out to try again, smelling like smoke, of course, and we finally got to the parking lot only to discover that they are open every day of the week…………except MONDAY!  Gee only awake a couple of hours and so far the day was a total bust.   So we cranked up the white (more like dark gray from the trip) Tahoe and headed down Iowa paralleling the Missouri River (i.e. Lewis and Clark’s route) all the way down to Council Bluffs and then went across the river to Omaha.  A very pretty, nice and neat little city, very modern and crisp.  A quick lunch at the Bass Pro ’cause we couldn’t find anything else before continuing to head south on into Missouri and on to Kansas City to pick up I35.

Now you can’t go to Kansas City without eating………..what else………KC BBQ!  So we researched the best BBQ places in KC and we set the Nav system for choice #1 which sent us to the middle of downtown where it could not locate said establishment.  So we reprogrammed for choice #2, Arthur Bryant’s world famous establishment where President’s have dined.   It’s right in the middle of the less Caucasian part of town but we felt like we weren’t going to be there that long so what the heck.  Man are they slingin’ out the BBQ.  We had the brisket and ribs.  The verdict?   About like Rudy’s.  No better no worse but the potato salad was definitely the best we’ve had.

Tonight we have spent about an hour tying to convince the hotel to reboot their router since the wireless access connects alright but it isn’t talking to the internet.  The two girls up front don’t have enought skill to run thir dad’s old Atari but finally it’s running so someone must have showed them the on/off switch.   We are off early tomorrow to get through KC and onto 35 and hopefully make it down to somewhere around OKC.   We are about 40 mile short of 6000 miles so far so we’ll pass that early in the morning.  If anyone knows of the most exciting things to do in either Witchita Kansas or OKC, chime in and we’ll find ’em.

Now reverting back to an earlier post you will recall that we spent a fun day in Deadwood SD.  Seems that Wynona was performing that night at one of the hotels (built like an old mine and the locals think it’s a monstrosity).  Well today we looked at the news and found out that her husband and her were riding motorcycles that day in Hill City about 5 miles away and he ran across the middle line and hit a car.  Hospitalized with serious but not fatal injuries.  The latest on the web has her cancelling her performances for now.   Interesting that we were there at the same time.

Well, so long for now.  We’ll continue to move south with the ducks, who BTW show no inclination to move as it’s already about as hot as Boerne right now.


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