Kansas City MO to Denton TX

The following three  lines contain everything of interest between Kansas City Missouri and Denton Texas.




Yup that’s right.  Zip.  Nada.  Just miles and miles of Kansas and Oklahoma.  Feeling like we had not contributed enough to the First People’s cause, we did stop in Norman (with me wearing a UT shirt,  so I was looked upon with disdain by the OU crowd) at one of the mega hotel/casino complexes.  As usual, I walked out a winner and SWMBO walked out penniless.  I swear, I can’t keep up with her capacity to lose.  Now when I say I walked out the winner, that’s true, but it was a whopping positive $.70.  I probably could have found that much change in the between the car seats.   One sad comment is that both Texas and Oklahoma put things on the border that the other state doesn’t have to fill the ready made market.  When passing from TX to OK the first thing encountered is one of the biggest casinos we’ve ever seen with a NY NY Vegas theme only BIGGER.   When one comes from OK to Texas the very first thing you see is Daves Adult DVD rental.  And I’m talkin’ 50 feet from the state line.  Oh well.

We feel like we’re home being back on Texas soil.  We started this trip wanting to see things we’ve never seen before so we started way back when going to The Caves of Sonora right up the road from Boerne.  So tomorrow we will stop at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco.  Passed it umpteenthousand times but we were always in need of getting someplace.  Now, without a reason one to hurry, It’ll finally be MY TURN!


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