Home at 5 PM today.  You know how they say “it’s great t0 be home”?  Kay and I think it sucks to be home.   Fantastic trip. Some stats:

6800 Miles (less 5)

11 states, 1 Canadian Province:  Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta Canada, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma

Major catastrophes: none

Minor ones: nick in the windshield, screw in the tire

Favorite State: Montana

Top 3 things we saw: Black Canyon of the Gunnisson, Big Sky Montana, Glacier National Park, Waterton National Park in Canada, Cody Wyoming, Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood SD (ok, so it’s more than 3)

Things we got tired of:  Buffalo induced traffic jams in Yellowstone

Top 3 places we stayed: Condo in Big Sky, Old Faithful Inn, Prince of Whales Hotel in Alberta, Izaak Walton Inn at Glacier (ok, so it’s more than 3)

Top 3 things we did: Fished all the famous rivers of Montana, Drove the Going to the Sun Highway in Glacier, Visited the Cody Historical Center in Cody WY., toured Mesa Verde, seeing so many Mountain Goats,  going to Rushmore at night, visiting Deadwood

Top 3 most useless things we packed: Sportcoat, dressy tops (Kay), white pants (Kay), Size 18 Zebra Midges (never even got a bite on one), and yes it’s more than 3

Worst motel we stayed at: (Swiss Chalet in Ouray Colorado).  Sounds neat doesn’t it…………..forget it.

Best Hotel we stayed at: Old Faithful Inn

Motel that looked the worst on the outside but was the best on the inside: Elk Refuge Inn in Jackson Hole.

Biggest dissapointment:  the Santa Fe art scene.  We used to love Santa Fe for western art, it has now gone totally contemporary.  Best place is still Jackson Hole

Most surprising city visited: Omaha Nebraska

Most confusing city visited: Kansas City MO

Best unexpected surprise: Winning $433 bucks off the First People ‘s casino in Albuquerque

Second most surprising thing:   How fast you can get your laundry done in a Laundromat

Best View: from the Prince of Whales Hotel in Waterton in Alberta

Things we didn’t get to do that we thought we would:  Took a container of books we intended to get caught up on.  Never even cracked it open as we were so busy seeing things.  Downloaded a bunch of Podcasts to occupy ourselves while crossing vast expanses of nothing.  Never turned even one on.  In some 30 days, we turned on Serius Radio maybe twice.  There’s just too much to do out there.

Most surprising thing we discovered along the way:  The Mountain Man Museum in Pinedale WY and that mom has the ability to spot Pronghorns from exactly twice the distance and twice as fast as me.

So we are resting comfortably this evening and figuring out how to fix the minor disasters that happened while we were gone.  Broken glass in the back door, weeds because apparantly I was not too clear on exactly what Roundup is for, algae in the pool etc.

Least surprising thing:  That God blessed us every inch of the way, protected us and guided us.  We are thankful.  We are planning the next trip.





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